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Veterinary Technician Assistant

about Arraya

Arraya was born and raised in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Then moved to Roosevelt in April of 2022. She started working at Tractor Supply, but while some time had passed, she saw her chance to work here at the Uinta Veterinary Services. She said that this is her dream job and most prized achievement. Ever since she was a kiddo, she was in love with animals and is very passionate about taking care of them. Since starting at the clinic, she has learned so much already and plans to continue her learning to become a certified veterinary technician. After being in the basin for a while, she has started a little farm of her own. Currently, she has two horses, two goats, thirteen chickens, two ducks, and two dogs. She just adores to watch her critters run around free range and goof around the house. As for more hobbies, she loves to go fishing, camping, reading, and walking her dogs.