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As a child, Dr. Gamble was sure that he wanted to “fix” animals and make them feel better. (Not much has really changed.) He first realized this at age 6, while helping his family vet work on a colicky horse. His first “pet” was a Hereford heifer which he named Nancy Regan, followed by a mustang mare named Scrungy. He worked for a cattle ranch, doing carpentry work and even a couple of years as a missionary in Asia before entering college. Mike received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Kansas State University in Manhattan KS. After graduation, he spent 3 years in the US Army Veterinary Corps, where he learned to love working on dogs. He then came back to Utah and spent one year at a mixed animal practice in Cedar City before moving to Roosevelt to purchase Uinta Veterinary Services from Dr. Nelson and Trudy Duncan. To Dr. Gamble, Roosevelt is a great place to live among hard-working, caring people. He has (finally) allowed his wife Jill to settle in so their five boys could have a little fun, learn to work hard, and have some elbow room. The Gamble’s have one dog (Hoss), two cats (Tux and Caramel), four Quarter Horses, nine chickens, and a few pigs and steers. When they can, the boys like to get the horses out and do a little team roping. Dr Gamble can often be seen in his natural habitat at the junior high or high school watching his boys play some kind of ball.

Dr Gamble serves patients ranging from kittens to rodeo bulls and delivers competent medical, surgical and dental as well as preventative care. He believes that the cure to many conditions comes when appropriate treatments are combined with a “golden rule” type of bedside manner. He has a tendency to look on the bright side of life and sincerely enjoys serving his clients and their animals. Dr Gamble has built his reputation on providing exceptional care to treat patients with all kinds of surgical, medical, and dental conditions. He really loves his job and enjoys doing all he can to help each client feel comfortable and satisfied with their veterinary care.