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about Erica

Erica was born and raised in Altamont, Utah on a cattle ranch. With her Dad and one of her Grandpas raising cattle, and her other Grandpa raising and racing horses, she grew up around it all. A farm kid through and through. Erica graduated from Altamont high school and started a nursing program. She started working at Uintah Basin Medical Center as a Medical Assistant and stayed there for 8 years. However, her kids quickly became the main priority in her life and she decided to be a stay at home mom until all of her kids were in school. She has 4 wonderful children that she wouldn’t trade for anything. After the kids grew up she worked at a mechanic shop as a parts manager for 3 years. She then came to Uinta Veterinary Services in 2017 as one of our receptionists and has been here ever since. Erica and her husband run a cattle ranch and with that being said, I bet you can imagine what they do for fun! Family get togethers always include cattle, camping to get the cows off the mountain, branding, vaccinating, and checking on the cows!