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about Hollie

Hollie was born and raised in Salt Lake City for 18yrs, she then moved to New York and lived there for 2 years. After moving back home and then spending a short time in Montana, she decided the Basin was the place to be! Hollie has always loved animals and would always bring home every cat she found and hide them under her bed so her mom wouldn’t know. She says she has always loved animals and generally prefers them over people. Hollie has 3 wonderful grown adult children and has the privilege of working with one of them at the clinic. Hollie has worked for Uinta Veterinary Services for 3 years as one of our receptionists. She has always worked in customer service and this was a dream job for her to work in customer service and with animals. Hollie loves to be outside with her horses, goats, chickens, and dogs. She loves painting and scary movies.