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about Maloree

Maloree was born and raised in Roosevelt, Utah. Growing up she says she always had an interest in animals and knew that she wanted to work with them one day. In school, Maloree tried to take as many animal science classes as she could and really enjoyed everything she learned. Maloree worked at a local pet store from 2019 to 2020 and loved being able to work with animals every day. She says she grew very fond of reptiles and exotic animals and loved learning new things about them every day from customers or from her own research. 

A year after graduating from Union High School in 2020 she joined a program through the University of Utah and got her certification as a veterinary assistant. Since working at Uinta Veterinary Services in the grooming department, she’s grown to really love this side of animal care. She says that she has enjoyed meeting and caring for all of the pets she’s seen since working here.

When Maloree isn’t working, you’ll likely find her at home with her 2 dogs Luna and Chip, and cat Mittens. She loves taking her dogs for walks as often as she can and throwing around toys with them. Some of Maloree’s other interests include playing video games, drawing/painting, listening to music, being outdoors, swimming, and traveling whenever she can.